Friday, 12 April 2013

Counting Down to Release

I have it on reliable information that my proof checker is now 75% through the final draft of The Outback. This means that it should hopefully be ready for publication this weekend. Although, given my history with technology things may not run quite so smoothly. I recall a few years back when it was time to file my first tax return in Australia. Many private companies offered to make the process easier for either $300 or 10% of the refund due. Being the tight arse that I am, I decided to do it myself. Somehow, I managed to turn a $2,500 refund into a $81 bill! Not just for myself, but I messed up my girlfriend, Katie's return to the tune of $3,000 as well. Sorting out the problem caused a 2 month delay to the rebates and put a massive strain on our travel budget during that time. I only pray that I am more fortuitous (or less hasty) this time.

On the subject of being a tight arse, I have also had to think long and hard about my pricing structure. Personally, I think that £2.99 is a reasonable and fair price for an e-book, but that is NOT what I will be charging. I do after all want more people than just my sister to buy it! Spending on an unknown author is always a gamble and one that I fully appreciate. Therefore, the price will initially be set at 99p. When I release the second novel, Stealing Asia (aiming for mid May), I should be well versed in how the whole e-marketing machine works and plan to put together some offers. Smashwords do a coupon system and I may be feeling generous.

I am also working on getting some permanently free content uploaded in the near future too. I have a couple of travel journals that need polishing and bringing up to standard, but I think that they will make for interesting reads and they also contain some of the TRUE tales that inspired my writing. Stealing Asia, in particular mirrors a nightmare border crossing that I endured entering Thailand. Men with guns are scary. Men with guns stopping and searching your car even scarier. Men with guns pointing them at you and steering you towards the WRONG border crossing in a foreign country are about as scary as it gets!

So keep watching this space. The next time that I post, I should have at least tried to upload the novel...

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