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Ben is a backpacker struggling with life on the road. That is until a chance encounter brings him together with the enigmatic Asia. She is smart, beautiful and everything else that he could possibly desire in a woman. She also has an uncanny habit of attracting danger.

When events conspire to keep the pair apart, Ben begins to question if it is coincidence or a conspiracy. He learns that Asia’s life may be in danger, but he is unsure of exactly where the threat is coming from and who to trust. Only one thing is certain; unless he acts fast, it will be too late. In order to protect his new love, he is forced into making a drastic decision...

Stealing Asia is the second novel by David Clarkson. It was inspired by his travels through South East Asia and is an exciting action & adventure story that anybody can enjoy regardless of their own travel aspirations.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Hero Falls for Sexy Girl in Exotic Location --> Action & Suspense Ensue 8 Jun. 2015
By Uncle G - Published on
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
This guy David Clarkson is a world traveller who spins yarns everywhere he goes. I read a hard hitting book by him about some crazy cats in the Australian Outback (THE OUTBACK) and now this action / adventure story STEALING ASIA. What I especially like is the travel aspects to Clarkson's books because they put you in a foreign country as much more than a tourist. In STEALING ASIA there are good guys and bad guys, and a bit of a sea story (which is what I particularly like - anything with some action and suspense on boats is a plus for me). What more can you ask for, exotic location, sexy Asian girl + brave guy who falls for her, several sneaky characters double-crossing each other. I recommend it.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great travel adventure story 21 Oct 2013
Format:Kindle Edition
"Stealing Asia" by David Clarkson is another great travel adventure story by this talented author.
The first part of this book is told by Ben, a traveller in South East Asia, somewhat inexperienced but brave enough to save a girl from a mugging. The two become lovers and have a great time together until odd occurrences no longer can be seen as coincidental and Ben and his girl, also named Asia, need to get away.

But all is not as it seems, as we learn in the subsequent parts, told by different characters of the book.
The unfolding and unravelling of the plot and the change from holiday romance and harmless adventure story to action packed thriller is done very well, I did not see the twists and deceits in the story coming. The change of voice in the different parts is something often frowned upon in reviews but I personally find the benefit of added perspectives always intriguing and in this story particularly useful and enjoyable.

There is a lot of thought and plotting in this novel and we are casually confronted with the ins and outs of travelling in Asia as tourist, the author seems to have sound knowledge of the area he is writing about and feeds us information in a low key journalistic style. The narrative voices are also often understated and do feel very realistic rather than sensationalist or over the top.
I may have a thing for travel writing ever since I read "Backpack" in the 90ies, but few have impressed me as much as this novel has.

If beautiful, atmospheric and descriptive writing about a holiday adventure gone wrong is your thing and you like fast paced thrillers this is definitely for you.

Highly recommended

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