Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Taking Stock of 3 Months in Self Publishing.

In many office jobs, workers receive a quarterly appraisal or evaluation and I thought therefore, since I am now also technically an employee of myself, that I should do the same for my second job as an indie writer. Performance wise, the sales are still only coming in at a trickle, but from the feedback that I have received this is simply a case of struggling to be heard amongst all of the noise on Amazon and not indicative of the books quality. Reviews have been very positive.

My most recent review actually came about from a circumstance that everybody says is pointless. It was the result of a direct pitch on twitter to buy my book. Obviously, you are not going to sell many books by tweets alone, but every sale is important and sometimes that one sale can lead to greater exposure for the book. This was exactly what happened in this instance.

About a week ago I received notification of an email via Goodreads (I have still to get to grips with Goodreads, so this was a surprise). The mail was a friendly note by somebody who had bought my book after seeing a tweet and had loved it. The readers name was Christoph Fischer and he is also a writer. He also has substantially more twitter followers than I, so when he posted a glowing review on Amazon and Goodreads, I was over the moon. I have also since learnt that Christoph is ranked by Goodreads as being in the top 1% of reviewers on that site. He has also kindly offered to post an interview with myself on his blog in the coming weeks. I am yet to see how much of an impact this will have on books sales, but the increased exposure and connections that I have made already are not bad from just one tweet! The review can be seen here

The other significant event for me this month was publishing a paperback edition via Createspace. My review of the service can be found here How Paper Compares to Digital for the Self Published Author Again, it is early to tell how successful this venture will be as I am still waiting for the book to link with my Amazon profile. In terms of confidence and experience however, it has already been invaluable to me.

So what then, for the next 3 months?

Well, I still have two completed books waiting to be published. This time, I will synchronize the Paper and ebook release dates and I am also going to give KDP Select a try. When I have more than one book for sale, the free giveaways make a lot more sense. If I can get as many copies as possible of one of my books into reader's hands and they like it, they will hopefully be inclined to buy the others.

After the release of Stealing Asia and Diamond Sky, I will go back to working on the sequel to the latter, which will be in turn followed by a third in the series.

After that - who knows? That is the beauty of self publishing.

Anything can happen.

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